Hyperfund message from ceo ethium,bitcoin

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A message from the CEO of HyperVerse, Steven Reece Lewis: 
Since the celebration of the official HyperVerse launch event on the 5th December, I have received overwhelming feedback from our community. Many were excited for the future direction of our community and some even started their own extensive research into the metaverse. 
The HyperVerse ecosystem is focused alot on our own metaverse and that includes a variety of NFTs which translates to a unique piece of digital property on the blockchain. Arts, music, sports memorablia, trading cards, games and many other areas are finding NFTs a unique and verifiable new way to identify something on its own. Theres an increasing attention coming from mainstream companies that are looking to get a slice of the pie. Of which one of the more familiar and renowned global brand, Nike, has just recently acquired an NFT studio, RTFKT which primarily makes NFTS and sneakers for the metaverse. This is yet another major endorsement for the metaverse and the virtual economy it entails. Fashion brands like LV and Burberry have also launched several NFT campaigns to promote their products. And I foresee more companies to do the same in 2022. 
When we look at the metaverse, there is a very obvious trend appearing. You can catch mentions of the metaverse in the news every couple of days, and more celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Mariah Carey are endorsing crypto-related products. This is a very exciting period for the entire market as a whole. We are poised to take advantage of the opportunities we are given to secure the best possible participation for our members. 
Parts of the development lies some regulatory complexities to work through and are being addressed in a fully compliant fashion. The development of the HyperVerse ecosystem is well underway and more updates will be announced shortly. 
Remember that in our overall HyperVerse we have 2 channels one being the HyperVerse membership community and the other being the HyperVerse ecosystem which are legally separate. As part of the HyperVerse community membership, you will always continue to receive quality blockchain education that now includes information specific to the metaverse and our innovative membership rewards programme which continues to benefit our loyal members daily. 
With the launch of the greater HyperVerse ecosystem with details to emerge in 2022, you will discover even more optional products and services that may be available to you. So open your thinking and join us in accelerating the construction of our digital future where you are only limited by your own imagination.

Hyperfund message from ceo ethium,bitcoin

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